Love your old glasses frame, but need new lenses? Getting your spectacles reglazed offers a low cost, high value solution starting at just £20 + P&P.


The main reasons people choose this service are:- 

  • A change of prescription following an eye test
  • Existing spectacles have scratched or broken lenses
  • Their eyeglasses frame was purchased elsewhere, but they would like us to add quality prescription lenses at a budget price compared with a high-street optician
  • They require a different type of lens - for example adding Transitions lenses or a tint to turn their glasses into prescription sunglasses.
  • The frame was sourced by an auction site or retailer who did not offer prescription lenses (e.g. eyeglasses frames sourced via Ebay or Amazon)


We offer the following services, all with a number of different coatings and tint options.


Standard spectacle reglaze options can be ordered directly on-line, but if you are not sure of the best solution for your requirements please get in touch.  One of our customer services advisors will be able to explain the options and help you find the optimal solution for your needs. Email us at [email protected] or use our contact form.


How to Order Your Reglaze
  1. Place your order on-line from our standard reglaze options.  (If you have received a bespoke quote from one of our customer service advisors and you have confirmed you wish to go ahead then they will send you a link to a bespoke order.) You can enter your prescription on-line or alternatively send us a copy
  2. Print off the order confirmation form and send it together with your glasses frames to the address indicated on your order.  Our postal address can also be found on our contact page.  We would strongly recommend using a signed for postal service to ensure that your frames reach us safely. If you did not enter your prescription when you ordered, please remember to pop a copy into the parcel when you post us your frames! 
  3. We will reglaze your glasses and post them back to you within 10 working days - we ship all reglaze orders via Royal Mail First Class signed for delivery, which requires a signature upon receipt.
Terms & Conditions for the Specspost Re-glaze Service

Once successfully reglazed – your lenses are covered by our standard one year fair wear and tear guarantee, or if a premium lens brand such as Essilor is selected, by the manufacturer’s enhanced warranty.


Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee frames against breakage during the reglazing process. If the frame is damaged in glazing the laboratory will not cover the costs of a replacement frame. This is a rare occurrence and most frames withstand the reglazing process. 

If we are unable to fulfil your reglaze order (if our lab deems that the frame will not withstand the reglazing process) we will return the frame to you and refund the glazing fee.

When is it NOT appropriate to add new lenses to an old / existing glasses frame?
  • If your frame is NOT in good condition then you should NOT opt for a reglazing.  We occasionally receive frames held together with cellotape!  Your vision is important. Please remember that we offer a complete pair of decent quality specs made up to your single vision prescription for some amazingly competitive prices so it is often cheaper to just buy a new complete pair of specs.


  • If you need varifocals for the first time.  Generally varifocal lenses (unless you pay top, top lens prices) require a deeper frame and the odds are that if your frame previously housed single vision lenses (unless you chose oversized geek chic/retro glasses) the frame will not have sufficient depth to accommodate a functional multifocal lens at an economic price. 


  • If you have a very high or very complex prescription.  We would recommend that people with very high corrective vision requirements should avoid buying on-line.  Complex corrective vision should ideally be sourced via a local optician / eye doctor who can provide the necessary specialist after-care and physically adjust the spectacles as required.


  • If you are looking to reglaze very curved sunglasses please seek advice from our customer services team before placing an order.  If we are able to reglaze sunglasses with very curved lenses it is likely to cost considerably more than our standard reglaze charges. 


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