Glasses Mailed to Norway

SpecsPost is a UK based online glasses supplier shipping throughout Europe including Norway. We have an ever growing number of customers accross Scandanavia taking advantage of the amazing savings available by buying glasses via mail order from a safe and dependable supplier in the UK. SpecsPost operates from Manchester England and all of our frames and lenses come with a 1 year manufacturers gaurantee. With the power of google and the internet, backed by great international shipping services it makes little difference whether you buy your glasses online from Oslo, Bergen, Drammen or Trondheim.



"Whilst buying prescription glasses online is becoming the norm pretty much global, we ship a disproportionate number of glasses and prescription sunglasses to Norway. Having spoken to and corresponded by email with a number of our Norwegian customers I believe it's because prescription eyewear is so expensive in Norway and in Scandanvia in general" Julie, SpecsPost Customer Services. "Unsurprisingly the number one destination for our glasses in Norway is Oslo, but we also ship glasses right up in the far North to places like Trondheim and Orkanger...... I don't know if the fact that we are in Manchester also influences some of our customers.... we know that there are a vast number of Manchester United supporters in Norway. We will have to conduct a poll sometime to see if this is a factor!"


Whilst Norway represents the highest volume of Scandinavian glasses trade for SpecsPost we also regularly ship glasses to Denmark too. One of Specs Post's specialisms is petite and smaller frame sizes for people with smaller faces and we export a good number of smaller frame sized glasses to Norway each year. Norwegians may notice a Norwegian influence in the names for our petite range with glasses names such as "Dear Bea", "Malit" and "Okey." Glasses recently shipped to Norway by SpecsPost include customers from Sola, Brekstad , Orland, Mo i Rana and Oslo.