Prescription Glasses Shipped to New Zealand



The founder of SpecsPost is a huge fan of New Zealand. He supports the Canterbury Crusaders, loves a good Hangi and for a POM has a pretty keen view on foreshore rights! His best friend emigrated to North Island in 2009 living first in Tauranga and then moving down to Christ Church to help rebuild after the earthquake. If the truth be known he would have liked to move to New Zealand himself a good few years ago, but family commitments have prevented this from happening....yet.

So what has this got to do with shipping prescription glasses to New Zealand at cheap prices you might ask? Well here at Specs post we ship loads of glasses to Australia and a good few (although a lot less to New Zealand.) However our CEO always gets extremely excited about shipping eyewear to New Zealand and always asked to be kept informed whenever we get a Kiwi sale. He's slightly obsessive about where about the orders come in from and loves to let us all know when he's visited said locations. Mata Mata AKA Hobbiton is a favorite name drop for him, but he's got relatives in Cambridge too, he loves Napier (something about fancy architecture and good wine?) and as for Queenstown well we just can't stop him going on about Jet boats, Bunji jumping and The Remarkables.

To to cut a long story short, please buy your prescription glasses from SpecsPost and make our MD his fortune. We promise that he will end up moving to New Zealand and will reinvest all the profits in your beautiful country so it's win win! He's a nice guy, if a little intense and we think that a bit more tramping on the Milford track etc will help chill him out a bit (and let us get on with our jobs in peace.) If you are stayed with me this far, we charge £12 shipping on eyeglasses to New Zealand and if you send us a cheeky message we can also probably send you a discount code to give you a decent saving at checkout. Go All Blacks, Black Cats and Peter Jackson!