Prescription Glasses Shipped to France

When we started SpecsPost we never expected how international our clients would be!

We now get orders from all over the world. Initially most of our customers in France were British expatriots, but over the last few years a combination of improvements to Google's translation facilities and a general culture of French people getting used to shopping on-line has meant that we now get orders from people all over France.

Prescription glasses are naturally small and light weight, so we are able to offer very reasonable international shipping rates throughout Europe. We also offer our 1 year gaurantee on both eyeglasses frames and lenses to our customers throughout the word.


Glasses mailed to France



The most recent glasses orders from French customers were shipped to


  • Rimont, Ariège
  • Saint-Jeannet, Alpes-Maritimes, France
  • Ste Gemme, Tarn
  • Cotes-D'Amour (for a British expatriot)