Cheap Glasses Shipped to Denmark



Velkommen til specspost!


Recently Specs Post are shipping more and more prescription glasses orders to Scandanavia, with Norway coming in first for volume and with Denmark a close second.

"With a population of only 5.6 million, Denmark may not be an obvious target market for a UK based online glasses shop and to be honest it was not something we targeted - it just happened organically! However we love our Danish customers they often speak perfect English and are always a pleasure to deal with!"

Charlotte Moore, SpecsPost Customer Services & Marketing.

We believe that our glasses are attractive to the Danish customers because of the high price of prescription eyewear in Denmark and because a large firm like SpecsPost based in Manchester in the safe and trusted United Kingdom offers the perfect blend of price saving on glasses and minimal perceived risk to our customers. Our 12 month guarantee on all eyewear products (both frames and lenses) also adds an appropriate feeling of security that whilst our glasses come in with cheap price tags they are not "cheap glasses" in terms of quality. I think our customers are starting to get the fact that we are genuinely looking to build life long customer relationships rather than make a "quick buck."

As you would expect the highest number of glasses orders comes from Copenhagen but we are getting increasingly exotic shipping addresses like Odense, Frederiksberg and Aalborg. Click here for details of our online glasses delivery to Denmark.