Sunglasses For Sunny Days and Cider Drinking

Sunglasses For Sunny Days and Cider Drinking

Yesterday the sun was out for once, I even had an Ice cream at lunchtime to celebrate and after work I was off to the nearest beer garden for a few ice cold ciders. Well here in not often sunny Manchester you have to make the most of the decent weather while it’s here.

As I decided to leave my Sunglasses at home on the one day of the year the sun is shining I managed to convince my boss Mr SpecsPost to let me borrow some sunglasses from the warehouse. Purely for research purposes (honest.)

I was hoping to get my hands on some beautiful Ted Baker Sunglasses I've been lusting after for a while. Even if it was just for one night, but I was told I had to stay away from the designer range. I suspect they have heard about my cider drinking!

As an alternative I thought I would take the opportunity to try out our Black and Purple Vintage Chic Sunglasses. These are one of the newest additions to the Specspost range. They are inspired by one of the most popular frames in our prescription glasses range. So they have already proved to be a popular item. Available as both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses and suitable for both men and woman, they seem to tick all the boxes.


I love the hint of purple in them. They aren't just boring black and they aren't screaming PURPLE at you ether, it’s subtle. My only criticism is the size. They are a little large on my face. My current sunglasses are from our petite range as I have a small face, but if you don’t have small features like me they are perfect. They are also quite durable I might possibly have dropped them a few times last night (But that’s our secret).


If purple isn't your colour then they are also available in black and red. As we are based in Manchester, a few of my colleagues have already bought these to wear to the football. They go perfectly with the Manchester United shirt. The City Fans are currently sulking that they don’t come in blue!


Julie xx

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