Round Glasses Get Around

Round Glasses Get Around

Round Glasses have probably always been around! (See what I did there). However a few years ago they burst back into fashion in a big way and it seems they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

They are certainly favoured by celebrities and Johnny Depp’s ability to look fabulous in a pair of round specs hasn’t exactly damaged the popularity.

We have recently seen a rise in vintage round glasses frames been sent to us for reglaze and we can't help but notice the similarity in styles. The World War II issue frame a customer sent in is very similar to some of our current styles.

The most famous of round frames are probably the iconic ones worn by the late John Lennon. These may be an exception to the rule but did you know that in most cases the lenses areas in round glasses are not perfectly round? While I cannot find anything on the reasoning behind this, I suspect it is because a slightly oval shape is a lot more forgiving to facial features.

SpecsPost have a wide range of round frames in different sizes, colours and materials. In most cases they are suitable for both men and women and perfect as either prescription glasses or sunglasses. They can also be ordered with blank clear lenses or a tinted lenses for fashion use. We have recently taken orders for them to be used as reading glasses from many customers looking for a more fashionable look than off the shelf on the High Street styles.

If they were to be included in a question in the quiz show Pointless about famous round glasses I suspect Harry Potter would be mentioned and the answer would be far from pointless.

SpecsPost’s Harry Potter style glasses are a more grown up version of Harry’s glasses and are perfect for those who prefer a plain metal frame. They are particularly popular with male customer's and give wearers a distinguished air.

Similar in style the Jimmy Round Metal glasses have a embellishment on the bridge and arms for those who prefer more detail. They are also a rich brown bronze in colour which goes well with most skin tones.

In general the main glasses trend these days tends to be plastic no matter what the shape of the frame is. So SpecsPost have a vast array of round plastic frames.

Among the most popular are our Alexa Chung style glasses named so because the popular style icon wore a very similar frame a few years ago. These tortoiseshell print frames are like the ones several Hollywood actors are often seen in at the moment. They are particularly suited to being ordered with transition lenses so they serve dual purpose as glasses and sunglasses. This frame is also known as Clooney Glasses in our men’s section.

The Barlow glasses are a narrower rimmed black frame for those who prefer a lighter more classic look but still want to embrace the round glasses trend. As with all the rounded frames the lens portions have a depth that is perfect for those choosing a varifocal lenses as they have ample room to fit in the range of sight.

Iin the petite section the main customer favourite  round frames are the beautiful purple Quinn Small Round Glasses and the green coloured, Noah Petite Round Glasses. Both are fashionable and on trend because after all nobody should have to compromise on style.

Jules x

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