"Retro Specs" Trend Leading Eyewear Back To The Future Day

"Retro Specs" Trend Leading Eyewear Back To The Future Day

I have yet to find anyone not excited about Back To The Future Day Today? We are all geeking out about it here at SpecsPost towers. Today is the date Marty and Doc travelled forward to in the second film.

I have to confess that I have only ever seen the first movie. In my defence my best friend's brother was obsessed with it when we were teenagers so I think I may have seen it 2,015 times! For a summer's worth of Saturday Night sleepovers our movie viewing (on video!) was Back to the Future followed by Dirty Dancing and if we were really lucky we would stay awake long enough to watch Ferris Bulers Day off as well!

I am also probably not the first to admit that I had a pre teen mini crush on Marty McFly back in the day and it was definitely him and not Michael J Fox. Yes I was a strange child.

I see ITV 2 are showing all 3 movies this evening so I've set my Sky box to record and will be having a Back to the Future Marathon next time I get a cold and take up residence on the sofa with a duvet! In the meantime I'm looking forward to watching Keith Lemon's parody Back to the Future tribute, which is on tonight as well.

I am slightly wishing that more of the future part of the movie was reality, although I read the other day that flying cars may be a thing soon. Though not time traveling ones, but then if I was going to time travel I would prefer to do it in a Tardis with David Tennant's incarnation of Dr Who!

In honour of this prestigious day here at Specs Post we have named 2 of the newest frames in our glasses range Mc Fly and Doc after the movie's lead characters. They both definitely have an 80's vibe and well we just wanted to!

We are also giving one lucky person the chance to win a pair of the 'McFly' 1985 Style Glasses (pictured below) complete with standard single vision lenses for distance or reading. Just hop over to @specspost twitter account and re tweet the competition tweet - T's & C's here.

As a final giveaway to put a smile on your face, here is s a classic moment from the movie with an epic tune for you have a bop to! Don't say we never give you anything!

Just think though, after today back to the future will be set in the past! Wowzerz!

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