Red Carpet Rant - Golden Globes 2016

Red Carpet Rant - Golden Globes 2016

I originally planned to write a blog simply about the red carpet fashion from Sundays golden globe awards. Giving me the perfect excuse to Google photos of Leonardo DeCaprio in a tux while in work! Unfortunately it has turned into a bit of a rant.

I started as I usually do with a simple image search typing Golden Globes 2016 into my browser to bring up all the celebs in there finery looking for all the beautiful dresses and well turned out tux's. Which was when I noticed the first considerable chunk of images in my search were in fact all women, save for the occasional man standing beside his stunning wife, date, co star.

Yes the ladies all looked amazing but it reminded me about something I'd read about the Oscars. That the first question asked to most of the female attendees by the journalists on the red carpet was not about the award they were nominated for, the film they had appeared in but "Who are you wearing? Who designed your dress?". That although the female actress do enjoy getting dressed up as much as the rest of us do they end up feeling little more than clothes horse's. The men only occasional get asked where there suit came from.

I wont lie I was also a little perplexed by the lack of photos of the guys, I like looking at photos of men in suits!!! (resists the urge to add liking photos of men out of suits too).

I know all the glitz, glamour and flawlessness go hand in hand with Hollywood and the entertainment industry but I'm not so sure that its what we want anymore. In a world where body shaming on social media and in magazines has become a big deal, it makes me happy to see a few small changes. Things like actress Rebel Wilson getting awarded Cosmopolitan magazine Uk ultimate woman award last year. Or that when I recently saw a TV personality getting internet hate over an outfit choice and a non existent tummy, teenage girls were actually sending her messages telling her she was beautiful.

The next thing I noticed about my Red Carpet photo search was that I hadn't seen anyone wearing glasses yet. We are a glasses website after all! I guess it was a contact lens kind of situation. Though I think guys are oblivious to the fact that Hollywood Heart throb + Tux + Glasses = Swoon.

3 pages in I eventually found an image of Ricky Gervais, wearing sunglasses. Maybe to protect him from the camera flashes. Although to be honest he was pulling off the Men In Black look (all be it dressed in red) quite well wearing something a little like these Our Arley Sunglasses.


Then, I eventually found a photo of Scottish actor Alan Cummings wearing an awesome blue tux and a pair of Specs similar to our Abbey Road Retro Glasses. While he doesn't quite hit my heart throb tastes even as a silver fox I did love his quirky look. My final thumbs up for wearing specs goes to Jimmy Napes who along with Sam Smith won the award for best song. His glasses are a fine example of the retro geek glasses look and both him and Sam have defiantly got looking good in a tux covered. If you want to see him sporting this look hop over to Specs Post Pinterest account where we have just added a 2016 Golden Globes board.

If you like red carpet style revisit this blog from 2013. Raise Your glasses to BAFTA winners style.

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