Never too old for denim!

Never too old for denim!


I hate being told what to do, so I wasn't impressed when my own Mother suggested I was perhaps a little too old to be wearing dungarees!

I may be the wrong side of 35 but I'm short and constantly getting mistaken for being 10 years younger so I figure I may as well take advantage of this while I still can, even though I am most definitely over getting ID'd to buy alcohol. Strangely this happens more often in supermarkets than in pubs and bars!!

As my denim short dungarees by Top Shop Petite have been my absolute favourite wardrobe staple this Summer I'm not ready to hang them up in the back of the wardrobe yet. I'm flying off to Majorca at the weekend and I will be wearing them as a 'to and from the beach' cover up over my bikini.

When I get back I'm sure the UK weather will have turned but I fully intend to pull on a pair of tights or leggings under them and team them with a long sleeved tee. I have thing about stripes at the moment so the one by New Look pictured above will fit the bill.

I don't know about you but I always manage to have a handbag full to the brim of things I hardly ever need. The ipad and paperback book I read on the tram each morning doesn't help. So as Manchester gets colder and wetter, I will be swapping the canvas handbag I've used all summer for a cute backpack like the one above also from New Look.

I will try and be optimistic though - I fully intend to stash the Animalistic Monochrome Sunglasses in my bag for the occasional burst of Autumn sun, you understand. Nothing at all to do with me looking and feeling rough on a Wednesday morning after Tuesday night pub quiz! Honest!

Julie x

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