More and More "Cheap" Online Glasses Shipped To Australia

More and More "Cheap" Online Glasses Shipped To Australia

From the Northern Terretories to Tasmania, Australians are increasingly buying their glasses online from overseas and getting them airmailed 'down under'. (The Kiwis are at it too but that's another story for another time!) So why do Aussies choose to buy prescription glasses from companies like SpecsPost based in Manchester, England some 10,000+ miles away?

Mostly it's about the money. With the Australian commodity led boom, Australians have to some degree been insulated from the wider global recession. The Australian dollar has appreciated signficantly against the British pound and the US dollar (whose central banks have been printing money like it's going out of fashion.) So if you live in Melbourne, Australi and buy your glasses from a company in Manchester, England you will get significantly more glasses for your buck!

The combination of discounted online glasses and a favourable exchange rate can be a heady mix! Online glasses prices for a UK consumer for example are often 50 to 70% cheaper than high street prices, throw in the the exchange rate and the savings can be stunning for Australians. But what about the practicalities? How can you choose glasses from an overseas glasses supplier and know that they are going to suit you? The most straight forward approach is to try on designer glasses frames at a local optician in Australia. You will generally find that the same designer glasses brands and models like Ted Baker, Emporio Armani and Ray Ban are widely available online from UK suppliers. Simply find a designer frame in Australia that suits you, take a note of the make and model, go home and type it into Google. All things being equal you will find the frame online at a fantastic price.

However the best value, cheapest online glasses bargains for Australians are available by buying unbranded prescription glasses from overseas firms. So how can you find glasses that are going to suit you if you can't find an exact match to a product at a local Australian based optians? The key to this is getting familiar with frame sizes. Most glasses frames have 3 key dimensions printed on the inside of their arms. Generally something along the lines of 54 15 135. Find some glasses that suit you and take a note of the dimensions. Go online and find a frame with the same dimensions and of a similar colour and style. In most cases this will bag you a great glasses bargain!

When buying eyeglasses online follow the same rules as you would for any other online purchase. The main safety rule to follow is to use a credit card rather than a debit card. Credit cards carry an extra level of protection so that if you have any difficulties with an overseas online glasses supplier it should be much easier to obtain a refund.

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