Irish Eyes Are Smiling (in glasses bought on-line)

Irish Eyes Are Smiling (in glasses bought on-line)

 We recorded an amazing stat last week! For the first time ever, over a 7 day period we achieved more  sales of glasses to customers in Ireland that to our home market here in the UK!

 Ireland has a population less than 10% of the UK's so why is it that the Irish are so keen on buying their  prescription eyewear on-line?

 There appear to be several converging factors making it extremely attractive for Irish glasses wearers to  buy their specs on-line from a UK based glasses shop.

 The main ones are: A strong Euro and a relatively weak pound making the exchange rate extremely  favorable to Irish customers who are able to benefit from both on-line glasses prices and more bang per  Euro

 The close proximity of Ireland to England makes postal and shipping costs cheap and speed fast

 Irish consumers have become very savvy and careful with their spending. After the Celtic tiger roared so  loudly, the property based boom quickly turned to recession as the credit crunch hit Ireland harder and  quicker than most other European Union countries. As a result Irish consumers have become extremely  good at finding the best glasses deals available to them.

 Having spoken to many of our Irish customers, a number have previously tried to buy from on-line  glasses shops as far away as America and China but found the communication and turn around times  problematic. For Irish glasses wearers the UK seems to be the perfect blend of price and speed of  service. When we ask Irish customers why they chose Specs Post our 1 year manufacturers warranty on  both frames and lenses seems to be an important factor too.

 Whatever the reasons, we are extremely happy to be able to ship glasses to Ireland in ever increasing  numbers and hope to continue this mutually beneficial arrangement.

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