How To Wear A Crop Top And Sunglasses

How To Wear A Crop Top And Sunglasses


When it comes to wearing an outfit with a crop top, there are just a few simple rules to follow.

Rule number 1 - to wear a crop tops, you really need a flat tummy! A crop top is going to draw attention to your stomach area, so even for those giften with a great body and those who work incredibly hard at the gym and on their diet - the look can be spoiled by a large lunch or dinner so beware!

Rule number 2 - If you have the body and the confidence to carry this off, pretty much anything else goes! Here Alice wears ripped jeans, black slip on shoes and a tweed three quarter lenght coat.

Top tip: The sunglasses add an air of mystique to the look. Ignore the weather and wear them to accessorise your outfit. They are going to make you look uber confident like a model or a film-star.

Sunglasses featured in the photos are by SpecsPost

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