How to wear a Bardot top.

How to wear a Bardot top.

Bardot tops have always been a favourite of mine, so I was glad when they came back into fashion again a couple of summers ago. I remember them the last time around - when we used to call them gypsy tops?! I'm really not sure if that was a local thing or if everyone used to call them that then. It was sometime in the late 90's!!!

I've picked out a white bardot top and some other items from the collection on the TopShop website though I'm sure you can probably find it in store as well. It's got long sleeves which I thought would be perfect for those days in the UK when the weather can't decide what it's doing.

To go with it I picked out either shorts or ripped jeans. My 3rd option is a cute mint green denim skirt which I couldn't resist to be honest but it does also make a good choice if you need to dress a little smarter.

As you don't want your fun in the sun to be spoilt I've also added some sunglasses from our SpecsPost collection. The Chevrolet Round Havana Sunglasses are perfect for keeping your eyes safe in the sun. Regardless of whether you buy them with prescription or non prescription lenses they offer full UVA and UVB protection, they are also on trend with the current fashion for round sunglasses.

Finally to go with a liberal application of sun tan lotion across your shoulders,I have added a fedora hat to the outfit. Who doesn't love a hat? You don't want to risk heatstroke spoiling your fun in the sun or if the weather goes the other way it might help keep you a little dry in the rain. 

Julie x


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