Gok Wan Style Glasses Online

Gok Wan Style Glasses Online

"Where can I buy Gok Wan style glasses online?" is a question we get asked virtually every day. Well the simple answer is that if you want to buy authentic Gok Wan endorsed glasses products then the only option is Specsavers, because Gok Wan has tied himself in exclusively with Specsavers to produce and sell the range.


The good news is that there is very likely to be a Specsavers store near you, whether you are in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and to some extent Scandanavia and Spain too. The bad news is that authentic Gok Wan branded specs are not cheap, Specsavers market them as a premium produc and at the time of writing they are being advertised on the SpecSavers website at £99 including standard single vision Pentax lenses and branded case and cloth.

If you love Gok Wan style, but don't want to pay high street opticians prices then there are plenty of cheaper alternatives.

The "Classic" Black Retro Glasses frame very much fits the Gok Wan style glasses category. It looks like just the sort of frame he would have worn before his Specsavers commerical tie up. And at the time of writing at just £35 for a hand made quality frame, including standard single vision lenses, it's virtully 3 for the price of one when compared with Specsavers current pricing for Gok Wan branded eyewear! Another demonstration of why the real savings on Specs are to be found online!

For a frame model with a very similar look to one of the authentic Specsavers Gok Wan eywear range, take a quick look at the Gok Wan 54, a cheaper designer alternative available online is the uber stylish Superdry Navigator Glasses Frame currently available for £85.

Take a little time to browse online glasses shop catalouges and you can find similar (unbranded) glasses frames that look very similar to the Gok Wan range at significantly cheaper prices. To save you some time and leg work, look out for further articles on our glasses blog with more cheapr Gok Wan style glasses alternatives.

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