Get a Little Mix On Your Glasses Look

Get a Little Mix On Your Glasses Look


Since it hit the charts a few months ago we've been singing along to Little Mix's hit single 'Black Magic' here in Specs Post towers. In fact we are pretty crazy about the whole of their latest album - Get Weird. We would probably go as far as to say they are our favourite X Factor group!, Though Olly Murs would get the award for the best thing ever on the X Factor, you can't not love Olly! Even after that slip up on this weeks show, after all he is only human. We also like One Direction too, before anyone asks.

After weeks of listening to the song I eventually saw the video for it playing on a music channel and loved that too. Especially the way it has a teenage witch movie vibe. For some reason it also made me think of 90's group Bewitched though I'm not 100% sure why.

Since then we have been asked by a couple of customers which of our glasses frames were the closest to the ones Jade and Perrie had on in the video, so we thought we would make things a little easier and name a pair of similar specs after the song.

So new to Specs Post range we would like to introduce to you "Black Magic" Glasses. Currently at an introductory price of £22.99.

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