Fact Wearing Glasses May help you get your Coffee quicker!

Fact Wearing Glasses May help you get your Coffee quicker!

In a past life (well a few years ago) I worked in a coffee shop. I am still to get over the fact that Jason Orange out of Take That came in ON MY DAY OFF!

Anyway this was before the time that well known American chain had started taking your name and writing it on the cup. To be honest its more a case of they take your name then write something else on the cup. From personal experience I think they have got my name right once, and I buy and drink a lot of coffee.

My memory was never the best when it came to orders, I would never manage as a silver service waitress that's for sure. So in order to deliver the correct beverage to the correct table on a busy Saturday we had our own take on the names on cup's procedure. We made notes - eg beard, geek glasses, flat cap - BLT and Espresso. We loved a beard and glasses and it defiantly increased your chances of getting your brew a little quicker. So much easier to find than, Late 40's?, grey hair, jeans????? - cup of tea.

So if over the next few weeks your planning on braving your local shopping centre on a weekend to start that xmas shopping slip on a pair of specs before ordering your lunch. Pop your reading glasses atop your head, and grow a beard or at least some stubble or die your hair pink to stand out from the crowd. You could even join in with "Movember" and grow a tash. I'm quite sure we can't of been the first or last coffee shop to use this method. But remember be nice when you order, or who knows how they will describe you!

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