Autumn Casuals for Men #1

Autumn Casuals for Men #1

While my BBF could not be described as sedate, I wouldn't exactly describe him as quirky when it comes to fashion either. So when I asked for his help with choosing some glasses to add to my men's fashion post I was quite surprised that he selected the Red Pair below. When I quizzed him about this he told me he was thinking about experimenting with colour for his own glasses. Then he went back to cramming his burger into his mouth! I decided to leave it at that.

That was when my flatmate came over and pointed out that the outfit of tight skinny jeans, t shirt, cardigan and trilby looked like I stole it out of Olly Murs wardrobe!!

I think this outfit would be perfect for when you're out and about at the weekend, round the shops, date at the cinema or maybe a early season footy match before the weather turns (possibly without the hat for the football). You could even switch the glasses to a blue pair if you are a blue rather than a red (support Manchester City rather than Manchester United). Hey, we are in Manchester after all, so you have to be a Blue or a Red it's the law! Actually Olly Murs is a United fan so there you go.

Glasses are from SpecsPost Colour Collection ; all other items from Top Man.Specs coordinated with your football team or even a vague interest in football optional.

Julie x

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