All Eyes on Big Brother UK

All Eyes on Big Brother UK

I have always watched the celebrity version of Big Brother UK, I have just not been able to help myself! But since it migrated over to Channel 5, I have never watched the lesser mortal wannabes on the normal show. For me it was missing something - well Davina McCall for one thing.

Not watching it was probably not a bad thing, I got my summer evenings back for a start. However that all seems to have changed this year. Emma Wilis presenting the main show with Rylan Clark over on Big Brother's Bit on the Side seems to have refreshed it a bit. Also the shake up with the new secrets and lies format has definitely livened things up. So yes I'm watching it again!! I'm blaming the flat mate, she watching the launch show because there was nothing else on. 20 minutes later am hooked and its pulled me in for a full summers viewing.

When I used to watch it back in the day, I always had a favourite who I wanted to win. To be honest this year, although I've loved watching it and all the secrets and lies paranoia I don't have a firm favourite. While I don't dislike anyone (Well ok maybe there is one housemate I can't stand) I don't love anyone enough to care who wins.

For once the UK weather gods have granted us a passable summer. However I don't know if its just me, but I'm sure the big brother house must be in some kind of controlled weather bubble. In past years even when the summer has be terrible, the housemates still seem to have spent more than a fair share of time sunbathing in the garden!

So being the glasses geek that I am, something I have noticed is the trendy sunglasses they have all been wearing.

Before I talk about them through, Dexter Koh's magical glasses deserve a special mention! These glasses (and housemate paranoia) lead to suggestions that Dexter had been replaced by by his own evil non existent twin brother! I suspect all he was actually doing was deciding to take a break from his contact lenses. This is however pure speculation on my part. Glasses may change your look a little. Dare I say it but we think Dexter looks a little older in his. I suspect his glasses may be designer ones but if you want to get Dexters look on a budget then we think the frames below fit the bill.


I've noticed housemates Charlie and Sophie have both embraced the trend for bright bold coloured sunglasses this summer. Sophie has been wearing some Red wayfarer style ones very similar to our Latitude sunglasses. While Charlie has sported some Black fronted frames that have arms in a contrasting colour. I'm not sure but they may be sharing some of the pairs around,as I've also spotted a couple of inmates sporting white sunglasses, which are not unlike our Creamfields Shades.

So I think the winner for me this year will be the housemates excellent taste in sunglasses!

Come the final I will be watching, not to see who they crown the winner but hopeing they have one more argument before they all leave the house.

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