6 Must Have Glasses Trends Winter 2012

6 Must Have Glasses Trends Winter 2012

While reading the newspaper on the tram in to work this morning I was drawn in to reading an article about the must have fashion colours to be wearing this winter. Apparently you don’t have to buy a new wardrobe but you can update your fashion palate by buying key accessories in this season colours, such as belts, shoes and handbags.

I’ve never heard of the latest colours to be seen in described as a fashion pallet before. Although I think it’s quite a good analogy. Essentially in a way, you paint yourself with colour every day through the clothes you are wearing and the accessory’s you carry.

First of all I asked myself if this was a good enough excuse to buy the burgundy handbag I’ve been lusting after in a well-known high street store (other high street chains are available). Then I started wondering about SpecsPost glasses and how they fitted in with this winters “Fashion Palate” colours. Aware that we had introduced some burgundy coloured frames to our range only yesterday I decided to check out the website and see how we matched with this Seasons on trend colours.

Swift Geek Glasses in Blue – Paying homage to the retro nerd look these beautiful glasses are in a refreshing blue shade. All the gossip magazines are saying that for this year’s party season midnight blue is the new black. These frames would decently cheer up your day to day life over the cold days of winter. Excellent value at only £29.99 Season colour rating 8/10 Fashion Rating 10/10

Petit Mamelle – This frame is specifically designed for ladies with petite faces. Fashionable, affordable and they actually fit. What’s more it is in one of this seasons key colours Burgundy. It’s comfortable to wear and affordable at only £35. Season colour rating 9/10 Fashion Rating 09/10

Geek to Geek Burgundy - Geek to Geek Glasses are inspired by the current retro trend. This gorgeous pair in burgundy is a refreshing change in colour to the usual browns and blacks. New to the range at only £30 we feel it’s bound to be a popular choice. Also available in brown another popular colour choice this winter Season colour rating 9/10 Fashion Rating 10/10 slightly biased these are my personal favorite.

Alfie Brown – Already a very popular pair of glasses from the SpecsPost range. Smart good quality and practical they are also ticking all the boxes with the trend for autumnal colours Season Colour Rating 7/10 (Brown is never going to be out of fashion) Fashion Rating 8/10 but these are a classic base colour and won’t look dated any time soon.

Mandan –While warm colours such as red and orange are another colour trend straight off the catwalk this winter. I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable in bright orange. Mandan glasses offer a subtle way to wear these warm tones. The orange detailing to these wayfarer glasses brings a definition to the shape. If you have petite features or a narrower face we also have Oranssi glasses which offer a similar colour combination. Madan & Oranssi both £35.00 Season colour rating 7/10 slightly toned down from catwalk colours Fashion rating 8/10

Hudson Green – While green is not my colour, these fashion glasses are perfect for brightening up your winter day. Great for a workday or a weekend they look fantastic on most people and especially complement those with hazel eyes. £42.00 including standard lenses from SpecsPost. Season colour Rating 8/10 Fashion Rating 7/10

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