Swimwear and Sunglasses

Time to get ready to suit up for the sun and surf? So what is hot and what is not in 2015. 

According to the Observer newspaper, "This year's swimwear is all about the print. Go for a bikini or one-piece in snakeskin, jungle or floral print. Top it off with statement shades with a bold coloured frame, a baseball cap and easy-to-kick-off sliders. Grab a large inflatable or body board, and you're ready to hit the beach"

Based on these style guidelines, here is our interpretation of this year beach look for the discerning beach babe.  We have chosen a lovely bold animal print bikini from the wonderful British designed and British made Uber Swimwear.  The look is finished off beautifully with a pair of SpecsPost's own clubmaster style shades, a classic timeless style which perfectly mirrors the reddy/pink and black tones of the bikini.