SpecsPost Guide To Buying Sunglasses Online

As well as looking good, sunglasses and prescription sunglasses have an important practical application too.  We all know that if the sun is shining and you are having to screw up your eyes against the light then it's time to don some shades, but there can be a quite a lot more involved in choosing the best solution for your needs.  And with internet sunglasses prices it may well be sensible to buy more than one pair for your different requirements. 

So here comes the science bit.  The brightness of light is measured in lumens.  Opticians will generally tell you that your eyes will be pretty comfortable with light levels up to around 3,500 lumens.  When light reflects off surfaces such as snow or water the brightness increases.  Sunlight reflected off snow can reach as 12,000 Lumens that is around 4 times more than than the comfort level for your eyes.  That's why skiers wear goggles or sunglasses and sailors and windsurfers too - whilst they look cool, they are also pretty essential for a hard day on the snow or surf.  

When it comes to buying sunglasses and prescription sunglasses there are lots and lots of choices.  Any pair of normal prescription glasses can be turned into prescription sunglasses by adding a tint. But there are lots of different options depending upon what you are going to be using your sunglasses for.

For personalised advice about buying prescription sunglasses online, you can call us on 0844 870 7894 or email us at sales@specspost.co.uk. 

Starting with straight forward tinted lenses there is a choice of tint colours.  Whilst some frame colours and tint colours look particularly good together (check out our Fleet Street Prescription Sunglasses which come with a graduated tint), some of the other tint colours and lens options come with specific qualities:-

Green lenses - are a good all round solution, but work particularly well in cloudy weather.  So if you are one of our customers local to us in Manchester, England (famous for it's rain) if you are in the United States think Seattle - then prescription sunglasses with a green tint could be the option for you!

A grey lens tint option - is another decent all rounder, it's also excellent for cycling when light conditions change as you pedal along. Although an even better, but slightly more expensive solution for variable light conditions are photochromic lenses which we deal with later.

Brown lenses -  are particularly good in hazy sunshines and in locations where there is a high level of glare or light reflection e.g.. Ski slopes or open water. 

Yellow and orange lenses - can improve contrast and are the best solution for vision on overcast days.

Mirrored Lenses - provide a great anesthetic and are a favourite for young men who don't want other people to see who they are oggling on the beach.  In all seriousness mirrored lenses are coated in a thin reflective material which reflects around half of the light that hits the lens. leaving the rest to filter through to the eye.  

Photochromic lenses - use a more sophisticated,  very clever adaptive coating.  The most famous brand of this type of lens coating is Transitions, but there are other options too.  For further information we have a page dedicated to the subject of photochromatic and Transitions lenses

Polarized Lenses - act as a kind of slatted filter that only lets line through to the eye that lines up with the slats.  We will be creating a pages dedicated to the features and benefits of polarized lenses very soon.