Reglaze Service for Vintage Glasses (New Lenses In Old or Antique Eye Glasses)

We appreciate that once you have sourced them, vintage eyeglasses frames are pretty much irreplaceable.  

Each antique frame is a one off, often with it's own history, story and sentimental value.  We handle all vintage eye glasses reglazes with extreme care to ensure that your precious spectacle frames stay in pristine condition and arrive back to our clients safely.  

Whilst putting new lenses into old glasses is pretty niche , we reglaze many pairs of vintage spectacles each year for individuals and also specialist organizations such as theatre groups, TV productions companies and even war recreation hobbyists looking for authentic eyewear pertaining to the period of the battle they love to relive!

To discuss your reglazing options with a member of our team, please call us on 0844 870 7894 or email us at

Here is a sample of some of the antique and vintage eye glasses frames we have put new lenses into:

New Lenses In Vintage Glasses Frame Reglaze from SpecsPost

Antique glasses new lenses reglaze service

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