Matching The Best Sunglasses To The Best Ladies Swimwear

Spring is in the air and before you know it, summer will be upon us.  In 2015 we are excited about the launch of Uber Swimwear's amazing new range.  Featuring a range of styles from classic bikinis and one pieces to more daring and risque numbers including monokinis and the use of transparent mesh materials.  Watch this space in the coming weeks as we find some great ladies swimwear and sunglasses combinations.  

Whilst most women agonize about choosing (and fitting into) their beach costumes, all too often sunglasses tend to be a last minute rushed purchase in an overpriced boutique shop at the airport.  An even worse scenario is risking cheap fake designer sunglasses from resort traders where the shades may not even carry proper UV protection - this can lead to major lasting damage to your eyes.  With the best of high-end mail order swimwear and prescription and non-prescription sunglasses you will defiantly want to see and be seen!  Equally importantly you will be safe! 

And for the fashion conscious  gents out there, we will also be doing something very similar with a great range of men's swim wear from Clothes to Pose matched with our best of breed sunglasses.  Check back for more which is coming very, very soon!  If you can't wait, then click here to shop for sunglasses online now.