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"Hi! I'm Charlotte and I'm happy to answer any questions about eyewear trends, styles and colours to suit you and fashion tips"

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Think of Charlotte as your own online personal shopper.

She will help you find the right frame for your face shape, colouring and style. Just email or tweet us a quick selfie and let us do the rest!

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Charlotte's unique style and fashion knowledge was spotted whilst working in a coffee shop in Manchester, England 3 years ago. She was offered a job combining the roles of frame buyer and reporting on the fashion industry. Charlotte is increasingly becoming the go to person for many insiders in the eyewear industry on future glasses trends. She can always be relied on in the office for assistance with accessorizing outfits with the right pair of eyeglasses. 

Which glasses should I choose for my style?

Megan is 20 years old and is a student from Hull

"Basically, my current style is lots of pretty dresses with tights! I'm loving swing dresses and tea dresses teamed with tights and boots. I think they're going to be my Spring staple too, hopefully minus the tights. I like a mixture of colours but tend to stick to grey, black or neutral patterns. I'm a big lover of statement necklaces too, so I try and add some colour to my outfit using my accessories!

I don't really think I suit glasses without a rim as I'm quite pale so they just blend in to my face haha! That's the same for little square lenses that you usually find on rimless glasses. I tend to go for 'Geek' style glasses as the bigger size suits my face more. I currently have tortoise print style glasses but I'm open to a variety of colours. I think it's important that your glasses reflect your personality so I would say colours that are fun like pink would definitely be more suited to me rather than bluey/green colours I think."
The Style Solution - Charlottes' Advice
Hi Megan! Based on your style and colouring, I've got two recommendations for you.
Firstly, our Cherie Rose glasses. They are a subtle cats eye style which I think will really suit your face shape and features; plus, I think they will look awesome teamed with your tea dresses. They come in a classic black - which goes with pretty much everything - and they have really cute pink detailing on the inner frame.
Secondly is our Alfie Brown frame. This is a classic style with a modern take on the geek glasses trend. The understated style and colour of the frame makes them perfect for everyday use, they are super wearable and look just as stylish worn with a neutral print dress as they do with jeans and a slogan tee for a casual weekend look. I think the colour will be really flattering for your colouring too.
How can I get my glasses style recommendations?
If you'd like personal style advice on which glasses for your style, get in touch! Send me an email at or tweet me @specspost with a picture and some information about your style and I'll give you my recommendations. You might even feature on the SpecsPost blog!

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