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This glasses trend just seems to roll and roll and looks set to continue to be a leading fashion theme for the considerable future. We expect to see more of the key designer brand names follow Superdry by launching geek and retro inspired eyewear collections in the Geek fashion space.

Geek Chic Glasses Frames

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Geek Glasses & Nerd Glasses

Geek glasses characterized by bold chunky plastic (acetate) frames (aka. the preppy, nerd retro or geek chic glasses look) are currently at the forefront of global youth fashion.

Geek Glasses

Back In 2011 we were amazed by the sales levels for non prescription nerd glasses, opening up a market that simply was not there before. This style of glasses was originally the trademark of a handful of less glamorous, quircky celebrities such as Eric Morecambe, Woody Allen and Chris Evans. However, thanks to adoption by current A-Listers such as Johnny Depp, Kylie Minogue, Kanye West and Lindsay Lohan, glasses and in particular, the geek or nerdy look is the height of youth fashion and appears set to stay.

If you are looking to buy cheap geek glasses online then we have something to most budgets and tastes, ranging from cheaper, great value plastic frames to top end designers with a nerdy twist. oversized geek glasses and geek fashion glasses are available for prescription glasses or with blank lenses for fashion wear.

Geek Chic glasses update for 2014

The geek specs theme is everywhere, it can be observed in all retail channels from the high street to mail order glasses suppliers and internet eyewear retailers.

Focusing on the SS14 catwalks and newest trends looking to filter through to the highstreet, the geek style looks set to stay, with oversized glasses, 90's logos and beanie hats as worn by Cara Delavigne and Rihanna. As seen at Alexander Wang and DKNY, this playful, street style is hot for this season.

We predict a shift towards what we like to call "retro geek" glasses styles, to complement the new preppy, varsity styling as seen at Paul & Joe.

The cats eye glasses style is expected to see a huge rise in popularity this year, to complement girlish styles and pretty pastels. 

Until recently it sometime felt like a short term trend, but this trend just continues to roll on. I am referring to the geeky eyewear look. Often Dismissed by many as just a novelty but after many years as a best selling look this movement can no longer be disregarded. The introduction into the marketplace of major brands in 2012 and 2013 demonstrates the retro nerdy look is set to be the height of fashion.

Know where to look geek glasses frame available to go well with just about every face shape and price range. As with most goods, typically the best value can be sourced by getting your geek glasses on-line.

The geeky glasses theme is becoming so massive that we would argue that there are several tiers of nerdyness! At the faithful fashion end we have the hard core really serious geeky oversize end, primarily adopted by the seriously fashion concious youth. To suit this image you have to be very young and have a very striking or very unusual face. The extreeme geek chic glasses trend is parrallell to the sort of thing touted on the international cat walks, it influences the mainstream style but is actually only followed acurately by few real individuals. The middle market is the high quantity end of the market and is inclined to be be a hybrid between the geek style and the traditional wayfarer eyeglasses frame style. The final tier is a much more standard frame form with a subtle nod to a retro older style.

However you feel about the nerdy eyeglasses fashion trend, when the likes of top brands such as Superdry put their design teams behind nerdy retrospective glasses designs it is crystal clear that the look is going to be with us for some considerable time to come.

In 2012 after continued requests from clients, we are delighted to introduce our brand new geek glasses for smaller faces frame. Oversized glasses for smaller faces sounds ironic, but its a great look!